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The Sharpening Minerals are available for Clippers and Trimmers. The red box is for Clippers and the blue box is for Trimmers.


  1. Remove all leftover hairs from your blades using a cleaning brush.
  2. Open the bag using scissors to cut along the dotted line on the back of the bag.
  3. Take your clipper/trimmer, turn it ON and lower it into the bag until the blades touch the minerals.
  4. Move your clipper/trimmer from side to side repeatedly across the bag. Let the clipper/trimmer run through the minerals for 2 minutes until the red or blue colour turns lighter.
  5. Remove your clipper/trimmer from the bag, turn it OFF.
  6. Dispose of the single-use bag.
  7. Dust off excess minerals from the blades using a cleaning brush.
  8. Disinfect and oil your clipper/trimmer as usual.


    • Do not introduce anything in the bag other than the clipper/trimmer.
    • Each bag contains the precise amount required for one clipper or one trimmer. Do not use the same bag for multiple clippers/trimmers because you won’t achieve the same result.
    • Inspect your clipper/trimmer before use. If your blades are damaged, do not use this product. Use this product only with blades in good condition.
    • If you're using a cordless clipper/trimmer, make sure you have a fully charged battery for a better sharpening.
    • Use the product only with blades from major manufacturers.