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Who we are

Sharpwise was created with the aim of helping professionals to take care of their tools efficiently right from their studio.

The Sharpwise Mineral is our key product: a sharpening system for clipper & trimmer maintenance destined for professional hairdressers, barbers and pet groomers that sharpens and cleans blades in less than two minutes.

To complement your maintenance routine, Sharpwise also offers a few other products that we invite you to discover in our Shop section.

The Advantages of Using the Sharpwise Sharpening Minerals

  • Sharpen & Cleans

    Sharpens and cleans blades in less than two minutes, from the comfort of your studio.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with any size of clipper & trimmer blade. Also works with steel, titanium and/or ceramic blades.

  • Blade Lifespan

    Correct! By sharpening your blades frequently, their lifespan will be significantly extended.

  • No Tools Required

    That's right. No need to disassemble your mower to sharpen your blades.

What's more?

In addition of being a quick, easy and economical solution...

No Chemicals

Eco Friendly

Pet Friendly

Made in Canada


I saved so much money with these little bags! I wish it existed before that.

Works well. It's very handy to have on hand.

Game changer when you are in a rush. Thank you!

It's a lot of packaging and single use, but in the end it's much more ecological and economical than buying new blades every time.